Low Prep Traveller : Sector-ish Example

( This was posted to my Patreon account in 2016 but belongs here now. ) This is an example of the level 2 detail for the low prep, rich Traveller campaign building system. The Yuan Sub Sector is on the spinward end of the Free Terran Confederation. Note that I am using a 3d, 10 …

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Low Prep, Rich Traveller Campaigns : A Game Structure Overview

This is a Low Prep RPG Philosophy article. In the Traveller RPG, if you are creating your own setting rather than an existing one such as The Third Imperium, you use the classic mechanism of taking a blank sector sheet, populating it with stars and generating the planets. This procedural generation mechanic basically produces isolated …

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Game Structure for Smuggling in Traveller : The Basics

I was interested in creating a smuggling scenario structure, since I have need of it in my Traveller Campaign. So I began designing one. It turns out smuggling can include lots of sub structures. Even if I took a narrow definition of “smuggling” its big. As it is my definition of smuggling is “to take a shipment from one place to another secretly”. So in this article I will lay out a very high level structure and break it down into components at a fairly broad level.