The Gods Themselves

The open tables use the following list of gods for use by clerics.

The Forces have little to do with things in the world, they are reactive. To them the Gods and Demi Gods are a discomfort. If one of the gods or demi gods seems to cause them enough discomfort then a force will influence the world to bring that gods base of worshippers, their presence and their plans, down a notch.

The Gods vie for hierarchical power in their transcendent dimensions. Their power base only partially references their position in the world, although the world will form part of their schemes against one another.

The Demi Gods have not gained a strong footing yet within the transcendent dimensions and are most reliant on their worshiper base and worldly position. They will more frequently respond to exceptional needs of their worshipers and use worshipers as minions for their plans.

WaaryagWind, Storms and Erosionnature tempest trickery
ChresisTime and water flownature life knowledge
VoxumFire and lightlight tempest war
UultanDarkness and coldlight trickery war
JordSolidityknowledge life war
The GodsDescriptionDomains
MicordHammer of the Underdarkwar, light
JuonaEmpress of Heavenlight, knowledge
FortunaGoddess of Luck And Misfortunetrickery. Tempest
DortmundLord of wastelands and swampsnature, tempest
ExaltBright Enemy Pretender to the throne of heavenlife light
TibaltGod of Craft and Inventionknowledge war
FoxTrickster and Embodyment of Magictrickery knowledge
HalanaLady of TreesNature light
MendChampion of lost causeslife, trickery
EstraLady of health and growthlife nature
LoshSpider of the Dark Swarmsnature, trickery
The Demi GodsDescriptionDomains
GuunrishThe Great Orcwar life
Malwal and VaraElvish Bringers of Dragonsknowledge life
TincrowdoorGnome bringer of Wealthlight, knowledge
TiamatThe Great Queen of Dragonstrickery, war
RaandrishOrc of Sorceryknowledge tempest
FushfallahHalf Elven Huntressnature knowledge
PentakWizard of Lights and Mistslight tempest
VeercanLich Warlock Sovereign of the Undeadlife tempest