Session Write Ups

Here are links to my role playing session write ups.

Dungeons and Dragons
Call of Cthulhu
Stars Without Number

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

 Polemar Campaign

See Constructing an Open Table Campaign for D&D 5e part 1
and Kenmore Role Playing Society

Session Reports include DM perspective notes and some at the table events.

1) 20 Jan 2017
Elves meet dragon (and snakes and stuff)
2) 4 Feb 2017
Elves meet lizardfolk
3) 25 Feb 2017
4) 11 Mar 2017
Stew for a Queen
5) 17 Mar 2017
Lizard Folk Blues
6) 18 Mar 2017
7) 23 Mar 2017
Bugbears and a Radio Interview
8) 25 March 2017 Stirge No More
9) 08 Apr 2017
Two Gaming Tables, One Blue Dragon
10) 14 Apr 2017
Back to Grass Meadow we go
11) 16 Apr 2017
Fight the Blight!
12) 22 Apr 2017
The Elvish Statue
13) 23 Apr 2017
Bob and Marcon Head North
15) 16) 13 May 2017
On the Hunt
17) 18)
19) 10 June 2017
Food for Baby
20) 12 June 2017
The Great Meeting at the Glen
21) 22)
23) 8 July 2017
Dungeons and Vines
25) 23 July 2017 Trouble At Mine 26)
27) 5 Aug 2017 Dusk and Darkness 28)

Ergiold Campaign

For this campaign I have included session reports for my pre-play preparation and include quite a few notes about what I was doing as DM in the play sessions.

Group Session Group Session
Weirdos Session 1
Play :
The Weirdos and the Goblins
Weirdos and Adoroar Session 2
Prep A and Prep B
Play :
Part 1 : A Public Burial
Part 2 : Following the Bravos
Part 3 : Chasing Orcs
Weirdos Session 3
Play :
Weirdos, Ogres, Harpies and a Dungeon
Adoroar Session 4
Part 1 : A midnight visit and elves
Part 2 : On Iron
Part 3 : A Monastery Crawl
Part 4 : The Black Knight’s Bleak Moment
Adoroar Session 5
Play :
Part 1 : A Journey to Steelmire
Part 2 : Steelmire, the Vexus and the Rat
Part 3 : Investigating Steelmire
Part 4 : The Battle of the Fire House
Adoroar Session 6
An Investigator Investigates and We All Go Down the Manhole
Adoroar Session 7
Meeting Mould
Open Table Session 8
The Diamond Mine

Traveller Mongoose 2e

Free Terran Confederacy Campaign

Session 1 : Character Gen wherein a genetic engineering project grows, a pirate syndicate causes trouble, some things go boom and the TFCSS53 becomes like home.
Session 2 Part 1: A Journey to Spectos The crew of the TFCSS53 decide to survey the Spectos system, name some planets and detect something under an ice cap.

Session 2 Part 2: Under Ice In the Ice Caverns of Pang Xie a first contact occurs.

Session 3: GM prep elsewhere in the sub sector using NPC character creation to flesh out some worlds.

Call of Cthulhu 7e

The Cottingly Club Campaign

Session 1 : A missing aunt Investigators help a friend who sits at their table at the club
Session 2 : The Spalding Dig Part 1 Part 2 Investigators join an official club archaeology expedition to the Fens.
Session 3 : Prep for Recovery The game master prepares to handle the aftermath of the previous session and introduce two new players to the adventure. Play Wherein new investigators join up, Arthur Conan Doyle signs a book, some characters are asked to join a hermetic order and Major Drumtop (retired) seeks assistance.
Session 4 : Hobb’s End Preliminaries. The player’s begin investigating the Major’s property in Hobb’s End.
Session 5 : Meet the Locals. The player’s meet the Hobb’s End locals.
Session 6 28/Jan/2017 – In game date 12th May 1920 – Breaking the Mirrors
To Be Written
Session 7 11/Feb/2017 – In game date 12th May 1920 – Tea and Terror
Session 8 15/Jul/2017 – In game date .1st Nov 1920 – At the Threshold

Stars Without Number

The Runabout Campaign

Session 1 : My First SWN Play Includes a running log of the sessions in one thread.