6 x 6 scalable Hex Maps

I have created a couple of pdfs for 6 x 6 hexagon map blanks that can “jigsaw” together to create higher scale maps. Their initial purpose is for use with Traveller or Cepheus Engine but they can be used with any game that needs scalable hex maps.




4 thoughts on “6 x 6 scalable Hex Maps

  1. Wow! Very nice indeed. I’ve recently picked up the Elite Dangerous RPG and the Map of Maps will serve very nicely as a sector (at 1 LY per hex), possibly adding in a +/- 5 3D element.
    Thanks for posting this.

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    1. If you check out the Patreon page you will see “11/06/2018 I have added the 10×10 map, and a 3D 10x10x10 as well. The coordinates can be picked randomly using d10 dice.”
      The 6 by 6 was to conform to certain page space expectations for Traveller players. I find the 10×10(x10) more useful myself.


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