Low Prep Traveller : Astro Nations Example

This is an example of the level 1 detail for the low prep, rich Traveller campaign building system.

Astro Nations of the Free Terran Confederation Campaign


Year 2332ce


Humans expanded from sol starting in 2120ce using jump 1 ships. The first colonies were corporate run from the city of Olympia on Mars. Earth at that time was in a poor state, and much of the population had died out, but the solar system beyond earth contained two billion people.

Over the next 150 years the nation now known as Earth Space expanded out to more or less its current boundaries. During that expansion a number of groups set out to form independent colonies away from the decadent, hierarchical and corporate empire. Most such colonies died out and space around Earth Space is littered with their remains. Some few survived and create loose, anarchic trading zones known collectively as the independents.

One independent group was formed by a small corporate conglomerate embedded in a post modern Chinese culture. This became the Free Terran Confederation, which has spent the last 180 years expanding away from Earth Space along the Orion Spur of the galaxy.

A second group, lead by a collective of followers of modern, non-theistic Buddhism 200 years ago, took a large colony fleet out and up 80 parsecs above the galactic plane to form the Azo Terran Collective. The Azo community developed Jump2 technology in secret before leaving Earth Space. They developed Jump 3 100 years ago and jump 4 20 years ago.

The Penta Occupancy are the only sapient aliens met by humans so far. They were first encountered by humans in 2311ce.

Earth Space

Capital System Sol

Tech Level 11

Earth Space is a decadent corporate hierarchy that centralises wealth in the core worlds around Sol. The wealthy families have positions of control with the central worlds or the lower level regions that become increasingly smaller in scope toward the periphery. The bulk of the population are wage slaves or actual slaves. Max jump speed is 2 and technological advancement has largely stalled due to cultural restrictions. They have gained knowledge of jump 3 technology recently from the Penta Occupancy.

Estates are spheres about 8 parsecs in diameter. Duchies have a core area about 10 parsecs in diameter with 3 or four estates on their periphery. Provinces have a core area about 15 parsecs in diameter, 5 to 10 associated estates and 2 to4 subordinate duchies. The core worlds encompasses a diameter of 30 parsecs about Sol, with eight provinces on its periphery and 20 estates. Each ruling family of the core worlds, provinces and duchies can be considered a faction and there is a lot of conflict between them. The other major faction are the abolitionists who struggle to get rid of slavery and help slaves to flee from Earth Space where they can.

Earth Space has a nation wide ban on psionics, punishable by death. There is a psionicist underground broken into cells. They are hated by the Abolitionists who hunt them down as much as any imperial guard would.

The Free Terran Confederation

Capital System Xīn zhōngguó (New China)

Tech Level moving into 12

Imagine China having become more American but following a socialist path. Internally the Federation is a collection of commercial and taxation hubs with their own regional government.

The confederation has only had Jump-2 for about 5 years but has quickly disseminated the knowledge and built plenty of J2 ships. At that speed it takes about3 years to traverse the Confederation. In a negotiation 2 years ago at Scamp’s World, a fuel stop system near the Azo region of space, the confederation negotiated a major trade deal with the Collective, gaining jump 3 technology and a few jump 3 ships in exchange for about 70 billion credits worth of organics, metals and genetically modified crop seeds.

The heritage of their long expansion with Jump 1 is that they have a lot of fuel ships, ship models with 2 jump fuel capacity and deep space fuel depots between systems.

The Expansionists are a small faction within the Confederation pushing for a concerted effort to grow the Confederation and become a power to rival Earth Space. The Consolidators are opposed to that, trying to reinforce the Confederations strength and technology while appeasing Earth Space. The X-ers are a large conspiracy theory group, concentrated away from Earth Space who are convinced the “grey aliens” are secretly controlling all big governments. The X-ers cause civil unrest when they become significant in a planets population.

Azo Terran Collective

Capital System Azo Prime

Tech Level 13

The collective is a religion ruled nation based on an evolved form of non-theistic budhism. Not all citizens subscribe to the philosophy but only adherents may be in the upper echelons of government. Of the human nations Azo is the most advanced technologically and also the most cultured. It has however stopped expanding and has internal problems with feeding its burgeoning populations.

Internally the nation has major governmental hubs every 10 to 16 parsecs, with trade flowing to the hubs and between them. Accruing large amounts of material wealth is forbidden for individuals and families. Corporations are illegal and direct ownership of businesses that are fully liable for their transgressions is the base of the economy.

The Dynastics faction believes the monks themselves should become a ruling class modelled on ancient Japanese feudalism. The moderates see that as anathema to the neo-budhist philosophy.

The Collective strongly embraces psionics and has a well ordered psionics institute.

The Penta Occupancy

Capital Not a Penta concept.

Tech Level 15

The Penta Occupancy are the only sapient aliens met by humans so far. They are large five branched, slow moving creatures resembling rather thick limbed star fish. They use a lot of cybernetics and power suits and attachments. They were first encountered by humans in 2311ce and there has been some friction with them, as they do not seem to understand human hierarchy structures. The Pentas have achieved jump 3 technology and through a number of cultural and science exchanges the Earth Space has gained the knowledge for jump 3 themselves. The Pentas have an anarchic organisation, coming together in temporary groups to make large scale interstellar decisions. Occasionally groups in a star system will go off on a tangent to the rest of Penta society but settle back after a few years.

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