All Us Gamers

All Us Gamers Inner Core Rules
All Us Gamers Inner Core Rules

Ok, its been a while since I posted here. Its not my fault. The dog ate my homework. There was a police raid. Australia is on fire. A volcano erupted. ITS NOT MY FAULT.

Well, it is a bit, but I have also been beavering away on a new role playing game. All Us Gamers. A universal set of core rules and then some settings with the necessary variants and special bits to make them sing.

Right now I’m in the process of publishing the free inner core of All Us Gamers at, and getting even more people to play test just that set. I’m working on the outer core, a zombie setting, a galactic setting and a time travel setting. All the core rules will be free, but the settings will be paid in pdf and print form.

Early next year I will be kickstarting the zombie setting, and using that to also help me get the chunk of the outer core rules published that support the setting.

I’m very keen to get to the galactic science fiction setting, but it needs a whole swag of extra game structures so it has to be zombies first.

In the meantime there is a WordPress site, a Facebook page and a Facebook group to keep everyone connected and involved.

Web Site –

Page – (send messages to )

Group –

Update We are go! You can get the rules for free at DriveThruRPG.

And now a Kickstart pre launch (Launch next Teusday)

Fri 2020 02 20 – Published On Aptitude, the module that allows detailed attributes, skill spheres and a motivation, and ways to improve your character’s skills over time.


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