Time Travel for Role Playing Games : Propagating Changes

In the previous article you learned about the meta future boundary (MFB) being the place from which all time travel is initiated. Also that when anyone time travels they contaminate the temporal coordinate they jump to on the meta now with part of that boundary. The MFB and its contaminations are known as “change waves” …

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Game Structure for Smuggling in Traveller : The Basics

I was interested in creating a smuggling scenario structure, since I have need of it in my Traveller Campaign. So I began designing one. It turns out smuggling can include lots of sub structures. Even if I took a narrow definition of “smuggling” its big. As it is my definition of smuggling is “to take a shipment from one place to another secretly”. So in this article I will lay out a very high level structure and break it down into components at a fairly broad level.