Game Structure for Smuggling in Traveller : The Basics

I was interested in creating a smuggling scenario structure, since I have need of it in my Traveller Campaign. So I began designing one. It turns out smuggling can include lots of sub structures. Even if I took a narrow definition of “smuggling” its big. As it is my definition of smuggling is “to take a shipment from one place to another secretly”. So in this article I will lay out a very high level structure and break it down into components at a fairly broad level.

Time Travel for Role Playing Games : The Basics

There are plenty of time travel films and TV series, Back to the Future, Looper, X-Men Days of Future Past, The Time Tunnel, Doctor Who and so on. Physics doesn't look too kindly on most of these. The reality appears to be pretty dull so, for the sake of adventure we are going to redefine …

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